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Tears burned my eyes and my lower lip trembled -Amb. Becky Edionewe

Over 30  vulnerable children  joined Nigerian public officials to celebrate the Nigeria independence day in Benin City, Edo state in Nigeria. It was noted, during the event that the children from Aid People Change orphanage home temporarily forgot  their struggles…

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Nigerian born Irish citizens had taken it upon them to support Aid People Change Nigeria Charity organisation since the emerge.   Since January 2019, over 80 groups of Nigerians in diaspora has visited Aid People Change Nigeria Orphanage home to…

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Muslims celebrated EID-EL-KABIR with Orphans at Aid People Change Nigeria orphanage Home

“If we all unite  despite religious beliefs and sex opinions, the world will be a better place ” said Amb.Becky Edionewe. We appreciate  muslims, Christians and others, a good example of Muslims  stormed Aid People Change orphanage home to donate…

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Africa won’t get it right if disables rights still neglected- AMB BECY EDIONEWE

“Nigeria won’t get it right without discovering the #Abilityindisability” said -Amb Becky Edionewe.

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Aid People Change found Grace.

If you recall, we reported an issue of Miss Victoria from Uromi. Now we have an update about the new development. You might also like to read: Miss Victory Okoduwa from Uromi decided to throw her baby away. Immediately Miss Victoria…

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Aliments on the road, 96th episode lead by Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo

Cultural mediation/Fund raiser of Aid People Change Naija,  Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo was nominated by the CEO of Aid People Change, Amb. Becky Edionewe to lead the volunteer squad in Benin City – Edo State . It was the  96th  episode…

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Miss Victory Okoduwa from Uromi decided to throw her baby away.

Miss Victory Okoduwa

Miss Victory Okoduwa from Uromi decided to throw her baby away.

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Aid People Change Naija directives from Ireland embarked on children welfare

Statistically, over two million young girls in Nigeria, below  the age of 16 years had been victims of rape and all sorts of maltreatment.

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