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Event: Aid people change Naija Celebrates 11TH ANNIVERSARY OF VOLUNTARY SERVICES WORLDWIDE

The Aid People Change Naija Charity Organization of Ireland, cordially invites
“The General Public” to be our guest, as we celebrate the 11th year charity anniversary of Aid People Change Naija Charity  organization that is designed for a special social cause #AbilityInDisability. The proposed venue was said to be  “The Plaza Hotel“, Belgard Rd, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland |Date: 03/11/2019| Time: 14:00 prompt.
The Aid People Change Naija Charity Organization of Ireland had be serving the disabled people of the Dublin Community by offering them a free buffet, Cleaning their gardens and homes, offering music therapy and picnic events. Previous years, we donated free music therapy workshop to over 100 persons

with wheelchair disability and 5 Nigerians with refugee status precisely widows, to do various menial jobs
such as cleaning their windows, mowing the lawn, moving of furniture, arranging the garage and keep
them accompanied to eradicate “Alone”. In addition to this, our volunteers in the passed, fabricated 20 ramps for some
major public offices and schools in Nigeria , to give accessibility for wheelchair handicaps. our next agenda is to fabricate ramps and distribute to Guinness PLC companies which isn’t accessible for disables using wheelchairs, precisely in Nigeria.
The event will feature Culture, Live Music concert , Short Documentary film, Nigeria born Italian veteran reggae Pan African Winning Jah, and a new organic “Marble Game”


Official flyer of the event

for families and more. We have invited many of the businesses in the city and we look forward to hearing from Journalists, Radio  presenters and other Media companies in Ireland to air and cover the social event.
The Aid People Change Naija Charity Organization was legally registered in Ireland and founded by Amb.
Becky Ehisienme Edionewe in 2008, and has been going strong since then.

INITIATIVE started last in 2013. It has been successfully recognised within the immigrant communities
and Social groups in Ireland and some Irish institutions. We are sure this year’s event will have a similar
response judging from the numbers of volunteers that have registered.
To confirm your attendance or for further details please contact organising chair person Amb.Becky Edionewe at Tel: 0899803006 or via email at


Multiple award winning author ,   Mercedes Monden ,  a Nigerian born Dutch author of six published  books as at 2019, , Philanthropist,  daughter, a wife, a mother, a spiritual adviser, mentor, a conference host, a prophetic intercessor, a life coach, and an ordained minister in the office of a prophet. Mercedes Monden operates in the apostolic as an evangelist and a prophet to the nations of the world. She is the founder of Breath Holies Worldwide Outreach Ministries, Mercedes Monden Ministries,

Activity report 2011 (9) (800x531)

Apt. Mercedes Monden (During Forum)

Royal Crown Church, and the Pursuit of Divine Purpose Empowerment Conferences. She came into prominence as an author after publishing  series of positively reviewed books like  “the Business & Financial Wealth Creation”  “Fulfilling Gods Purpose For Your Life Against All Odds”. She is the visionary of the National Prayer Chain Movement in the Netherlands. She is a well-known conference speaker in both the business world and Christian communities.In 2018, she received the precious Obaland Royal Awards for Best Nigerian amazing  author of the Year  2018 after other previous awards. We decided to interview her to learn about her professional job and her humanitarian services.

Source of collective published books by Apt.Mercedes Monden.


1. What inspired you to become a book Author?

My love for empowering people, just to see people succeed in every area of their lives.

2. Which was your debut book?

The First Edition of financial wealth creation was  officially published in 2010.

3. How many books have you written?
Like six books so far.

4. How have these books impacted you or your community?

I have written a few books, this has been one of the most exciting, eyes opening book I have ever had to research and write, because it deals with real life issues, and brings real solutions to live predicament many are facing within their relationships, it also bring s solution and guidance to those that are yet to embark on the journey of marriage as well. I am amazed at how this books is already transforming lives and hopeless relationships in the sphere of my influence.

5.Who are your mentors?
Jesus Christ, My husband, my siblings, my mother

6. We noticed you normally write biblical scriptures, do you have intentions to write other genere ?
I never write for the sake of writing, I write out of the inspiration of the Spirit of God. Right now I do intend to write faith-based stories.

7.Where do you normally publish your books?

I am a self published author. My books are found in , most Libraries, Amazon and other online shops like Kinder, Ebook, Ibooks, Google books etc.
Which was the most successful book ever written by you?

Very difficult question, my children educational faith-based books have been successful as well as my Financial wealth creation book.
8.When as your best moment as a book author?

You know, when an acclaimed institution gives you a honor or any sort of recognition for what you do, means alot to creators or any public figure, like In 2015, i won inspirational award organised by  The Voice Achievers Awards, followed by the year 2018, i was honored by the precious Obaland Awards for  Best Nigerian amazing  author of the Year  2018,  to mention just few.

9. As a Christian, what is your advise  to young girls?

As a mother not only as a woman of God, my advise to young girls is firstly, to be very focus on education, creativity to render them future self independence, and finally to accept God as their creator, obey the spiritual words of our lord Jesus Christ and they will surely give testimony, same applies to young boys.

Miss Victory Okoduwa from Uromi decided to throw her baby away.

Miss Victory Okoduwa

“After giving birth to my baby, my plan is to throw the new born into bin” said a 20 years old mother Miss Victoria Okoduwa, who hails from Ugboha a province of Uromi -Edo State.This horrific story was unveiled to Aid People change Naija media rappresentative, Miss Evbin Osaretin. who interviewed the young mother to know if she  was certain about her declarations before Aid People Change Naija decides legally to work on transferring the new born  baby to a working class family till the age of 18. During the Sunday assembly with volunteers and legal advisers to Aid People Change Naija (NGO) the founder and chairperson Amb. Becky Edionewe spoke for fifteen minutes,she started with family planning and youths Jobs empowerment alongside sex education, she quickly cited the observations of UNICEF, while she also detailed the essence of Child distance adoption in Nigeria at large.

The Need of distance Adoption: UNICEF states that poverty reduction starts with children. Poverty is transmitted from one generation to the next. Spending on a child’s health, nutrition, education, and social, emotional and cognitive development, and on achieving gender equality, is an investment in a more democratic and equitable society. It is also an investment in a healthier, more literate and, ultimately, more productive population.


Project Description: Improving the everyday life of children through Long Distance Adoption. Giving the possibility to needy children to grow with dignity in their own culture and surroundings by providing basic needs such as food, medicine and education

She also confirmed massive growth of abandoned children in Nigeria, because of frequent rape, children abuse and lack of education. Finally she authorised the adoption program as a rapid tool to support this unbearable phenomenon.


Directives and volunteers of Aid People Change visited Benin IDP

Little  fundraising from  friends and unknown donors had impacted vulnerable people in Benin city IDP centre.


If you recall, our previous campaign about basic necessities for PWDs in Edo state, to God be the glory, every little donations had impacted lives of the needy.

Malnutrition had always fuelled premature death, frequent health problems in most social centres and homes in Africa, precisely Benin City – Edo state. After a consecutive SOS call from two  social centres harbouring persons with difficulties in Benin city, they decided to reach out to us and of course we weren’t financially buoyant as volunteers, to rescue a horrific situation like starvation and extreme poverty, our volunteers needed to raise the sum of 50,000 Naira from privates  through all our social media platforms. Luckily our initiative was successful, we finally visited one of the social centres to donate aliments and other fundamental daily needs.  “We are elated that our campaign never ended fiasco” said our team leader (Evangelist Patience Edionwe)





















How to assist disables with orthopaedic kits


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On the 8th July 2017 the CEO of Aid People Change Naija, Amb. Becky Edionewe advised the Edo state youths to render home assistance to persons living with difficulty or disability, she invited members from medical sector as references to acknowledge the workshop on how to apply major orthopedic materials as regards to PWD in Benin city, firstly, she talked about knowing the pathology,the motives of PWD’s deformity, studying the complete prescriptions including radiographies and more, written by a professional or specialised Doctor, she also coached when and how Urine sacs are been fixed for persons with paralysis not only
she ended the successful workshop by appreciating the director of the workshop,
Amb. Eno , CEO  Enorecords entertainment company and  AMC1D Projects International ONLUS, professionally known as Winning Jah (Musician) , during the workshop she encouraged the Benin youths to request personalised private social assistant course with Aid People Change Naija for free , Amb.Becky Edionewe   gained rounds of applauds.


Left: Moses ,Osaretin Emwin, Mr Famous,

Left: Moses ,Osaretin Emwin, Mr Famous,

The Emergency team from Aid People Change Naija visited hundreds of persons “Victims of Boko haram” luckily they had a solidarity smile and a joyful day after our volunteers offered launch to hundreads of said victims, Mr Moses Uwuigbe communicated the CEO Amb.Becky Ehisienme Edionewe about the horrific situation at Holy cross in Benin city due to social exclusion and degradation at PWD in Benin city, Edo state.

Aid People change Naija:food for the needy

Aid People change Naija “Emergency Team” to visit IDP camp Uhuogua Benin city to support the needy
immediately the CEO of AID PEOPLE CHANGE NAIJA, Mrs Becky Edionewe read the message posted on facebook by one Mr Prince Johnmark Chiazor, she immediately called the Emercency team from Aid People Change Naija to visit the camp for verification as a result to the investigations, some of the residents narrated thier unbearable situation

Source:Facebook Prince Johnmark Chiazor — “This is a camp dedicated to helping homeless individuals in our society including children… I WAS HEARTBROKEN � WHEN I AND MY TEAM from FREZHMINDS FOUNDATION VISITED Them to present to them some items… THE CAMP WAS IN A STATE OF PITY AS THESE CHILDREN DO SLEEP IN Leaking tents just to survive… I weep because there is no help for them..
Dear one reading this post… I urge you to donate to these children… They curve for your love and care…
Like · Comment · about 11 months ago”


Becky Edionewe the CEO of Aid People Change Naija has promised to do her best in supporting majority of persons directly or indirectly excluded from social services in Benin city.
Becky Edionewe included in her last meeting with members of Aid People Change Naija “Emergency team” on the 17th July 2017 with over 30 participants including volunteers in Ireland, she concluded her speech by “i won’t stop shipping orthopedic kits to Benin city, the situation is disastrous”
Recently in Benin city over 300 PWD recieved benefits from Aid People change Naija in collaboration with AMC1D Aiuta Bambini arms AMC1D Projects International NGO Italy as the CEO Kingsley Eno Osagie professionally know as Winning Jah (Reggae Musician) honoured the partnership to support without interest.


Photos of some PWD benefiary 


Repost:How to prevent coronavirus – Amb Becky Edionewe


Since coronavirus invaded the world and about causing health, economy and other social disaster, Obaland magazine editor decided to reach out to few humanitarians and Orphanage institutions in Nigeria, precisely Benin city -Edo state. Speaking on phone with the CEO of one of the largest and most established Orphanage home in the state, the person of Ambassador Becky Edionewe, in the telephone chat she shared her opinion with our newsagent. she talked about how her Orphanage institution had prepared s simple or generic prevention to the trending, unfriendly and dreadful coronavirus. She unveiled fundamental ideas on precautions like constant washing of hands with disinfectants, wearing of hangloves, using the mask to protect unknown victims, who normally visits their Orphanage homes “most of our donors are from the diaspora, without their consecutive donations like School bags, books, used and new clothes, aliments etc, the children in need won’t meet their heart desire, so i am advising our visitors to use masks,handloves, wash properly before visiting Aid People Change Charity and orphanage organisation’s home, due to the coronavirus issues on ground, we only accept cash donations through bank” she said

Original source of interview —Obaland Magazine Radio

Fifteen new ambassadors of hope to be appointed by Sierra leone born Liberian singer – Minish Swaray


Many musicians will do music for personal interest while other entertainers struggle tirelessly to impact vulnerable  people in their various communities. Mary Swaray popularly known by her stage name Minish Swaray or “Minish” is an example of hope to the needy in West Africa, precisely in Liberia.

Aid People Change Naija organization previously honored the dancehall singer with a prestigious recognition as a brand Ambassador of hope, though she’s yet to visit Nigeria for the official presentation alongside other west African musicians.

Amb.Becky Edionewe , the founder of Aid People Change Naija had subsequently nominated the International crooner  “Minish”  to present only fifteen Liberian entertainers who had impacted the vulnerable Children in Liberia with their creativity before the month of June 10th 2020 to be considered for APCN Humanitarian  Awards 2020.

Gallery of donors in 2020 -Part 1 by Amb.Becky Edionewe

Donorsedd67782-551c-4479-b651-d276f0a9bbbc.jpgWhatsApp Image 2020-03-06 at 13.52.30.jpeg



We appreciate every donor who believed in what we do. Our donors are also our witness, join us thank them. For privacy reasons we couldn’t publish all informazione belonging to certain groups and individuals .

Tears burned my eyes and my lower lip trembled -Amb. Becky Edionewe

Over 30  vulnerable children  joined Nigerian public officials to celebrate the Nigeria independence day in Benin City, Edo state in Nigeria. It was noted, during the event that the children from Aid People Change orphanage home temporarily forgot  their struggles in life as they cheered with an electrifying  ambience alongside other patriots  “i wish everyday was  independence day in Nigeria, though  we got unstable social status in our motherland Nigeria.” said Amb. Becky Edionewe. Next year, our intention is to make the less privileged  join the match pass  to enable our Government have a second taught towards children’s welfare.


Adopt or foster a child in Edo State now- Amb Becky Edionewe




Baby 1

My name is David and i’m 9 months old. My biological mummy couldn’t care for me,  she brought to be adopted by Aid People Change Organisation to seek foster parents.

InkedWhatsApp Image 2019-09-16 at 08.59.15_LI

Baby 2

My name is Rejoice Chukudi, from Aligu village, Omoku Onelga LGA, Age 10yrs,  i don’t want to be thrown away like other babies in Nigeria, i am seeking for a foster parent.

I received three tubers of Yam and clean bag of vegetables from Rolly Rosa Foundation – Deaconess Patience Edionewe

Rolly Rosa Foundation Benin City  Stormed Aid People Change Nigeria Orphanage home situated at Obakhavbaye Street No 38, to show  an unconditional love and subsequently distributed some harvested aliments to support the vision of the Charity organisation. Thanks to everyone who had supported  us by adopting the children in our centre.



(video of RollyRossa foundation donating Yams and vegetable after harvest)

(video of RollyRossa foundation donating corn after harvest)

Nigerian philanthropist and Social assistant Osaretin Emwin, added one year.


Miss Osaretin Emwin on the road to feed the needy.

Few Nigerians will certainly accept a complete work no pay job, in exchange to see a better nation. Miss Osaretin Emwin is one of those volunteers battling daily to  eradicate abandonment of babies in Nigeria. She is also a founding member of Aid People Change Nigeria Charity Organisation.  She became more prominent in Edo State after she consecutively adopted abandoned  babies  from  careless young girls, which she maintained sincerely  with her stipends, before becoming a member of the Aid People Change Nigeria. She loves working with passion. The unstoppable  Miss Osaretin added another blessed year on the 23rd of August 2019 “nothing gives me joy like celebrating my birthday with my family and make the orphans my special guest” – said Miss Oaretin Emwin.



Nigerian born Irish citizens had taken it upon them to support Aid People Change Nigeria Charity organisation since the emerge.


Since January 2019, over 80 groups of Nigerians in diaspora has visited Aid People Change Nigeria Orphanage home to donate necessities. Statistically, it was recorded by in-house volunteers that Nigerians in Ireland had the highest visitors, that had supported immensely to improve Edo Children’s welfare. Thanks to everyone that had this less privileged   children in heart as they visit Nigeria. “God will surely fill their  pockets abundantly” said Deaconess Patience Edions.

Muslims celebrated EID-EL-KABIR with Orphans at Aid People Change Nigeria orphanage Home

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-17 at 15.57.33


If we all unite  despite religious beliefs and sex opinions, the world will be a better place ” said Amb.Becky Edionewe. We appreciate  muslims, Christians and others, a good example of Muslims  stormed Aid People Change orphanage home to donate food, water and other necessities to the orphans.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 15.45.05

Africa won’t get it right if disables rights still neglected- AMB BECY EDIONEWE

AMB.BECKY EDIONEWEMultiple award winner, human right activist and philanthropist, Amb.Becky Edionewe, set for another global campaign, asking for disable rights in Africa, precisely in Nigeria.

The announcement was made during a meeting with some Irish NGOs and medical specialists. The meeting was held  on Sunday 11th 08 2019, in Dublin 4, Ireland, were she narrated her experience with the ongoing ills in Africa, how disables had been excluded from all social activities in various states and countries in Africa. She called for an emergency  peaceful protest all over the states in Nigeria ASAP.



To  perfect her claims she added a short documentary that fuelled tears running down chic of important personalities, during the forum.

Aid People Change found Grace.

If you recall, we reported an issue of Miss Victoria from Uromi. Now we have an update about the new development.

You might also like to read: Miss Victory Okoduwa from Uromi decided to throw her baby away.

Immediately Miss Victoria put to birth a pretty baby girl named Grace, she decided to abandon the little  Girl for Aid People Change Naija Charity to care for her.

Today we really want to appreciate the acting mother Osas Emwin, who is also one of the directives at Aid People Change Naija Orphanage home, situated at Obakhavbaye street, no 38 Benin city in Nigeria. Due to her social relations, reported to our inhouse volunteers, alongside images of the  new look of  our adopted baby Grace, below are the pictures, “life could be horrific to anyone but believe God is in control” said Osaretin Emwin


Aliments on the road, 96th episode lead by Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo

Cultural mediation/Fund raiser of Aid People Change Naija,  Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo was nominated by the CEO of Aid People Change, Amb. Becky Edionewe to lead the volunteer squad in Benin City – Edo State . It was the  96th  episode of “Aliments on the road” an initiative powered by  Aid People Change Naija -Charity, the event  entails distribution of fundamental necessities in the streets of Benin City  and other part of Nigeria, to victims of malnutrition, less privileged adults and children nation wide. Over 60 volunteers participated to make it  another successful episode. “We delivered smile and it saddened my heart for not being a very wealthy patriot, i hope  doing better than my street experience today, as i personally  witnessed joyful  moments with the homeless persons, tears ran down my chic” – Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo

See photos below:

Watch video

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-09 at 20.47.46

Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo, distributing food to homeless

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-09 at 20.47.46 (1)

Deaconess Patience Edions, on the road

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-09 at 20.47.45 (1)

Aliments on the road

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-09 at 20.47.45 (3)

Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo and other volunteers.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-09 at 20.47.45

Amb.Queensly Nice Owen Osifo AND OTHER VOLUNTEERS

Orphans got family

Aid People Change Naija Orphanage home


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Aid People Change Naija Matron – Amb.Helen Obas

Aid People Change Naija Matron  Amb. Helen Obas  took a trip alongside other nominated volunteers to survey upcoming and completed projects in Nigeria. ” Every projects we proposed  within the passed years, needs to be applauded, volunteers on ground aren’t taking it for granted, i was elated to meet our adopted children in good health conditions and the well kept Environment . Initially i was hoping to hear stories about misuse of funds due to the unpleasant economy situation in Nigeria, but as God will have it every dime is  was accounted for acurately by God fearing volunteers and the zonal matron Deaconess Patience Edion” Said Amb Helen Obas.


WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 15.45.08

Aid People Change Naija directives from Ireland embarked on children welfare

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 15.45.05

New born babies  from prostitute mothers and victim of sex violence now with Aid People Change volunteers

Statistically, over two million young girls in Nigeria, below  the age of 16 years had been victims of rape and all sorts of maltreatment. It is no more a breaking news to see abandoned   moses in baskets  around the corners of the nation. Aid People Change Naija  Charity organization repeatedly advised  victims of  unwanted pregnancy and rape to leave the babies with Aid People Change Naija orphanage home, situated at No 38 Obakhavbaye street in Benin City, Nigeria as a social alternative to killings of new born babies or selling them to ritualist around the nation. Kindly adopt a child today by funding their feeding, health care and clothing.



WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 15.45.08

Aid People Change Naija Orphanage home.

Mr Courage unveiled his dreadful earlier life

Mr Courage Osagiede

Credit: Mr Courage Osagiede

Sometimes people do have reasons to name their children positively to later impact life.



The case of one  Mr Courage Osagiede, who had suffered morally, physically and socially within the Federal Republic of Nigeria is no longer a breaking news but a satanic template. Babaric attitude imposed on disables for a very long period in Nigeria is becoming so horrific but seen as (Na normal thing) or normal. If you recall those urgly days whereby parents abandon their biological children affected with any type of disability.  50yrs in Nigeria is just a tip of an  iceberg to cite duration, for Nigerian competent authorities demonstrating incapability  to eradicate violence within family or persons affected with this physical  challenge, diagonised after pathology by medical specialists and implement  a severe law to punish the perpetrator of such act. Earlier, Mr Courage’s father disowned  him because of his disability, he grew up with his mum that was also jobless, an episode to never be forgotten by Mr courage, how life and nature cheated him.Now seeking for aid to buy a walking stick


Blessed Better Christian group visited Aid People Change Orphanage home



Blessed Betters is a group of Christians from various church in Benin City, Edo State. Their aim is to support charity organizations residing within the  Edo State. They have been consistent in humanitarian services for decades. On the 19th of January, they visited Aid People Change Orphanage Home to donate aliments and other fundamental needs to  the less priviledge orphans,   at No 38 Obakhavbaye street, Benin City- Edo state, where Aid People Change Nigeria’s institute for homeless children sent by Ministry of Women affairs Commission is located. The Ceo Amb. Becky Edionewe and Chairlady of  Aid People Change  NGO, Deaconess- Pat Edion expressed sincere gratitude to the kind gesture, effectuated by Blessed Betters Christian group “We appreciate all you’ve done for this helpless children, following the social ills in Nigeria today, where citizens strive to eat lesser than a dollar daily” she said.


Happy Birthday to the youngest volunteer in Dublin Ireland, Aaron.



Most interesting story about Aaron, is how devoted, this youngest Irish humanitarian, contribute’s to social services. He has impacted his generation and future leaders of his time. He was inspired by his parents, who had been involved in various humanitarian activities in Africa and Ireland, just only a tip of the iceberg to Aaron’s social orientation and volunteering “Know How”. Many appreciations and prayers from churches, parents,friends and beneficiaries, as he celebrates  his new age. “Happy Birthday boss Aaron” wishes from CEO, Amb Becky Edionwe, “Aaron, i wish you a happy blissful birthday celebration, pls keep my cake” wishes from Vice President of Aid People Change, Osasu Emwin,” “Hip hip, Hooray” Wishes from all co-volunteers  on  Aaron’s  Happy Birthday.


Some birthday wishes photos


CEO -Becky Edionwe

Brand amb.of Aid People Change Naija, Nigerian reggae super star, Winning Jah also sent his colourful image,wishing Aaron a happy birthday on his 6th year.

Happy Birthday Aaron

Orthopaedic materials needed with emergency

It saddens our heart to see PWDs in Nigeria, struggling to receive  minimum  health care from the state authorities, we decided to challenge this social ills that has ruined the nation for over 40 decades. To donate , use the link below or visit us at our office in Benin city – Edo State (Nigeria) or in Ireland- Dublin, together we make a change.

Donors will receive  a thank you video from this young man in need.

AID PEOPLE CHANGE NAIJA NGO,Honoured Tina Tinuke Akinola-Jinad.

Honoree for exemplary leadership & Best Irish event host of the Year 2018 (Dublin-Ireland)

Tina Tinuke Akinola-Jinad- Honoree for exemplary leadership & Best Irish event host of the Year 2018 (Dublin-Ireland)


Nigerians in diaspora have proven capabilities of change in all senses, Africa could get better by permitting most African female intellects to play the lead, like Tina Tinuke Akinola. who discovers talents and  empower young African women.

Tina Akinola, is one of the most respected and celebrated Nigerians in Ireland, known for empowering young girls in their various fields by promoting them through a well-structured multicultural platform to subsequently attain their potentials. She is also the CEO of Tritees Promotions and one of the organisers of the famous Miss Africa Ireland beauty/fashion show in Ireland that has benefited various nationals for over two decades.

The show which promotes African heritage and bridges the cultural gap between Diaspora Africans and Irish has encouraged hundreds of youths who participate annually. Since the pageant’s inaugural in the year 2000, the organisers have maintained their commitment to promoting African beauty and culture and encourage multiculturalism among the Irish and African immigrants in the Republic of Ireland with little or no funding. The organisation is non-profit and targets the promotion of a multicultural Ireland and supports the youths and charities targeting African issues each year.

In 2018, Aid People Change Naija’s International NGO’s board members finally acknowledged the impact of Tina Tinuke Akinola in promoting Africa cultural heritage. She has been honoured by a prestigious humanitarian Award for Exemplary leadership & Best Irish event host of the Year 2018 (Dublin-Ireland).

The award will be presented on the 4th of June, 14:00 H, at the Hotel Hilton Dublin Kilmainham, S Circular Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland.

Edo State: Aid people change,Good samarithan to conduct charities in Benin City. Mr Kingdom Imohimi

Ceo {Good Samaritan}

An extraordinary  meeting was held on the 17th January 2018 by notable accredited NGOS in Benin city. During the meeting, it was  finalized after a long discussion, by  the ceo’s of Aid people change Nigeria,Edo reggae festival.Inc. and Good Samaritan  ace NGO in conjunction, presented a  special memorandum, on  restructuring NGOS in  Benin city,  Edo State. We are  appealing to all resident charity organizations in Benin city,  said Miss Adesuwa Obatta while reading  to  guests , she   analysed in profonded  details, in merit to subject proposal, titled  Obaland Award/The Edo International reggae Festival initiative,

while Mr Kingdom Imohimi underlined the aims of the upcoming  initiative, we must say a big thanks to Ceo, Edo Reggae festival inc. for the privileges given  to charity organizations to  showcase our skills and effectiveness, i  am sure, this collaboration will promote tourism, and NGOS will always be responsible to publish through our channels to reach out international  fans, while we continue to serve and participate as human resources to this cultural event. he also talked about building credibility through reggae music and  avoiding   unauthorized or illegal dealings like fraudulent acts and stealing under  charitable  coverage. The ceo of Good Samaritan, Mr Kingdom Imohimi explained brilliantly, why the new principles must be accepted  “If our organization had stayed over 45 years with thousands of credits to our NGO, i should be able to restructure the presence of  Charity functions in Benin city, by collaborating with the state Governor, Godwin Obaseki. the Commissioner of arts and culture and every qualified organizing members. To achieve this initiative, all parties involved  or interested in making Benin city a better place, using resources and micro projects tools, common within  NGOS , all registered  voluntary organizations, must be ready, simply by  demonstrating previous  references  and accountability, properly written , attaching  official documented expenditures, with  a maximum possibility to verify previous initiatives and beneficiaries. while also telling our committee the future project and challenges previewed ” , he concluded.

Mrs Adesuwa Obatta

Ceo Edos Reggae Festival Inc.

As the  meeting went forward ,  Engr.Famous Osaretin, the Project manager of Aid People Change Nigeria, interrupted the minutes, standing beside the Stella best Knitters coys Ceo, He first greeted the house and apologized for his unprogrammed intervention and continued  “An external body committee with decades of experience on serving persons living with difficulties spiced with a passion of social orientation will be the role model of  this subject,  meanwhile, i appreciate Mr Kingdom Imohimi , your institution has been operating effectively without national funds for decades, yet the capability and know how skills you implemented on each projects yield positive impact  to Benin City, your renowned  “Good Samaritan” has proven a long standing sincerity that fueled credibility  in minds of die hard donors,  as preambly said , this  reasons fueled  me to accept your opinion on this new development.


President-Aid People Change Naija

I sincerely advice we start up immediately for the ordinary citizens would appreciate this principles home and abroad, The CEO  of Aid People Change Nigeria , Mrs Becky Edionewe wasn’t   forgotten regarding her minutes and  professionalism  to educate NGOS, to grow more passionate volunteers in Benin city. This  will also be a plus , he  appreciated  the forum. Amb. Becky Edionwe also gave her concrete disponibility, adding “we at Aid People Change Nigeria,  will  review this memorandum in few days before a national forum will be fixed  with Edo state  Governor to  finalize this program..

National fundraising committee and surveillance will definitely eradicate fear from all willing citizens, i strongly agree with our board members and this entire meeting. If anyone has questions kindly raise your hand,” he concluded.
No one obstructed the idea , the initiative concluded with approval of Obaland central NGO service ‘Third sector’.

Lucky Dube Peace Movement Band on Tour

Peace For Women


Enorecords:    Sister Phumi & Cele  shared smile with PWD.

Peace for women is annual campaign to sustain women affected with disabilities in Africa.The fundraising campaign was sponsored in 2016 by Swan Water Ltd, Aid People Change Naija Ngo, Red cross (Togo), Richmond University Cotonou and Dr Dopesi. This year 2017, is dedicated to Mali and Abidjan. We appreciate Enorecords entertainment company Nigeria,for the artistic collaborations.The incomes from sold tickets will be used for financing girl Child and women living with disabilities (PWD) in Grand Bassam community (Abidjan), while part of the funds goes to logistics expenses. Buy your tickets at Hotel Ivoire now!!!!


Aid people change supported Mr Peter Idiake Ttreatment-Mr Famous

Mr Peter Idiake needs an urgent health care.

Watch Video "Idiake's leg is infected" Said Mr Famous, Edo State Aid people change naija member.




Winning Jah: How to Raise Funds for Humanitarian Relief

Aid People Change Naija

Aid People change Raised fund and encouraged Dion Osagie

The number of emergency situations around the world is increasing. When a crisis erupts, or within the context of an ongoing emergency, there are many funding mechanisms that are available. However, it can be difficult to access this funding,funding due to the system’s complexity and the chaos that ensues in an emergency situation.This Aid people Change Naija will help to explain the complexities of the humanitarian funding system and empower NGOs to identify potential sources of funding.


Thousands of patients couldn't afford to buy pampers during severe health situations, Aid People change Naija volunteers descided to ship thousands of sanitary materials to support University of Benin teaching hospital.

For those patients still in need, do not hesitate by sending us a message to request assistance. Aid People Change Nigeria, recently contributed thousands of  adult pampers to UBTH in Benin and other private clinics.


Over 60 years in Nigeria precisely Benin city Edo state, no persons living with disability has suceeded to access Banks like Nigeria First Bank , Eco Bank, and many more, probably directors have excluded PWD from social services, we hereby calling for donations to ship orthopedic materials like wheelchairs etc also fabricate ramps for persons with disability (PWD) in Benin city Edo state (Nigeria).
The government can’t do it alone, it takes collective efforts.