Repost:How to prevent coronavirus – Amb Becky Edionewe


Since coronavirus invaded the world and about causing health, economy and other social disaster, Obaland magazine editor decided to reach out to few humanitarians and Orphanage institutions in Nigeria, precisely Benin city -Edo state. Speaking on phone with the CEO of one of the largest and most established Orphanage home in the state, the person of Ambassador Becky Edionewe, in the telephone chat she shared her opinion with our newsagent. she talked about how her Orphanage institution had prepared s simple or generic prevention to the trending, unfriendly and dreadful coronavirus. She unveiled fundamental ideas on precautions like constant washing of hands with disinfectants, wearing of hangloves, using the mask to protect unknown victims, who normally visits their Orphanage homes “most of our donors are from the diaspora, without their consecutive donations like School bags, books, used and new clothes, aliments etc, the children in need won’t meet their heart desire, so i am advising our visitors to use masks,handloves, wash properly before visiting Aid People Change Charity and orphanage organisation’s home, due to the coronavirus issues on ground, we only accept cash donations through bank” she said

Original source of interview —Obaland Magazine Radio

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